This website provides information about the graduate programs in Research Methodology and Data Analytics at Prince of Songkla University in Southern Thailand. It also provides some information about seminars and workshops aimed to assist the development of a Network for statisticians and other data scientists in the South-East Asian region.

Bogor students
On his election in 2013 as president of the International Statistical Institute (ISI), Professor Vijay Nair emailed South-East Asian ISI members as follows.
      "The Network aims to provide those involved in statistical activities in the region (a) a platform to share information and promote Statistics within SE Asia, (b) a forum to communicate with the global statistical community, and (c) an opportunity to become engaged in the activities of the ISI. We hope to work closely with national statistical organizations to develop regional activities in areas such as developing statistical education, sharing of best statistical practices, and stimulating regional collaborations in research and new developments.
The ISI has considerable experience in organizing capacity-building workshops, mentoring, webinars, short courses, etc. For your information, I am originally from Malaysia and am excited to be part of this initiative."
      Please note that this website is designed to benefit all persons with scientific interests in the South-East Asian region and is not restricted to ISI members.
Dept of Mathematics & Computer Science, Faculty of Science & Technology, PSU
Last updated: March 5, 2024