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This reunion will celebrate the 21st Anniversary of the MSc Program and the 11th Anniversary of the PhD Program in Research Methodology at PSU. In particular it will honour the outstanding service of Dr Chamnein Choonpradub, under whose guidance as head of PSU’s Department of Mathematics & Computer Science and then Director of the PhD Program before retiring in 2015, these programs have grown into the outstanding research assets they are today.
The reunion will take place in the tiered lecture theatre on level 2 of PSU’s new ten-story Pre-Clinical Science building on Pattani Campus. Starting at 9 am on Tuesday May 10, the program will feature four keynote presentations by distinguished research scientists from Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, as well as ongoing research by current and former students. Topics covered include World Population Trends, Climate Science, Remote Sensing Data Analysis, Financial Time Series Modeling, Ecology & Environmental Science, Public Health & Epidemiology, and Statistical Theory and Methods.
All are welcome and free to attend any session. There is no registration fee.

Department of Mathematics & Computer Science, Faculty of Science & Technology, PSU
Last updated: May 4, 2016