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This seminar and workshop will be hosted jointly by the Department of Statistics at IPB University in Bogor (Indonesia) and the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at PSU in Pattani (Thailand) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 15-17 September 2015.
Proceedings will commence with a workshop on the Tuesday, where university lecturers, researchers and graduate students are invited to participate and discuss statistical issues. On the following day seminar participants are expected from postgraduates studying in universities across ASEAN countries, and will present their work to expert discussants.
Please do registration via http://bit.ly/1BNHUHP.
For more inquiries and information, please contact:
Dr.Farit M. Afendi: fmafendi@gmail.com
Dr.Utamil D. Syafitri: utamids@apps.ipb.ac.id
 Dept of Mathematics & Computer Science, Faculty of Science & Technology, PSU
 Department of Statistics, IPB
Last updated: September 14, 2015