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The PhD degree in Research Methodology requires students to enrol for six semesters, write a thesis on their research topic, write two papers during this period that gain acceptance in peer-reviewed journals, and defend their thesis before a panel of internationally recognized experts in their field that includes at least one examiner outside Prince of Songkla University. Applications are considered at any time. Since the first intake in 2005, 34 students have graduated, and 20 are currently enrolled. Thesis topics of the graduates are as follows, and their publications can be viewed as PDF files if you click on a highlighted name (provided your browser allows Javascript).

Apiradee Lim 2005-9 Statistical mortality modeling in Southern Thailand
Sarawuth Chesoh 2005-9 Fish catches and species clustering in Songkla lake
Pun Thongchumnum 2005-9 Demographics of education completion & employment
Kasetchai Laheem 2005-9 Bullying behaviour in Pattani primary schools
Wattanavadee Sriwattanapongse 2005-10
Modeling malaria incidence in north-western Thailand
Orasa Rachatapantanakorn 2005-10 Neonatal morbidity and Caesarean delivery in Pattani
Uraiwan†Sampantarak 2005-10 Modeling aquatic environmental data
Noodchanath Khongchuoy 2005-10 Modeling overdispersed biological counts
Ruth Sittichai 2005-10 Academic achievement of PSU Pattani students
Patarapan Odton 2005-10 Costs of injuries due to violence in Thailand: 2005
Watcharin Komolmalai 2005-11 Models for hospital length of stay & terrorist events
Sunari Sae-Jiang 2005-11 Youth unemployment & school non-attendance
Chokchai Lueangthuwapranit 2005-12
Phytoplankton & Polychaeta abundance in Na Thap

Sulawan Yotthanoo 2006-10 Models for disease and injury incidence rates
Jurairat Ardkaew 2006-10 Statistical & graphical methods for infectious disease
Wassana Suwanvijit 2006-11 Forecasting soft drink sales in Southern Thailand
Attachai Ueranantasun 2006-12 Improved methods for graphing & mapping data

Sumpunt Khongmark 2007-13 Methods for analysing & graphing terrorist events

Sampurna Kakchapati 2008-11 Modeling multidrug-resistant TB incidence in Nepal
Kua Rittiboon 2008-12 Resident bird abundance in protected tropical habitat

Orawit Thinnukool 2011-14 Analyzing land-use change using digitization
Nantaporn Klinjun 2011-15 Model of transport accident deaths in Thailand
Newadee Saheem 2011-15 Modeling Aquatic Animal Abundance in Na Thap River
Suree Chooprateep 2011-15 Climate Change in Southeast Asia and Australia
Amornrat Chutinantakul 2011-15 Correcting HIV deaths using verbal autopsy
Pojamas Chuangchang 2011-16 Modeling land-use change
Arinda Ma-A-Lee 2011-17 Excess Mortality in Thailand in 1996-2009
Nattakit Pipatjaturon 2011-16 Estimation of liver & lung cancer deaths
Montri Watthanapradith 2011-17 Doctoral completion of PSU staff
Mayuening Eso 2011-16 Analysis of daily rainfall amounts over Thailand

Nurin Dureh 2012-15 Fitting logistic regression to data with zero counts
Binita kumari Paudel 2012-15 Poppulation distributions in Thailand and Nepal
Wandee Wanishsakpong 2012-15 Statistical modeling of Earth surface temperatures
Arjun Mani†Guragain 2012-15 Estimating orphan children using DHS data in Nepal
Cherdchai Me-Ead 2012-19 Temperature changes in tropical and subtropical zones
Jaruek Atthasongkhro 2012- Modeling of solar radiation absorption in USA
Natthika Sae-Tae 2012-20 Trauma care at emergency unit in Yala hospital
Sunee Kraonual 2012-20 Pre-hospital emergency services in Yala

Boonmee Lee
Modeling of spatial and temperal patterns of Tuna catches

Prashanth Gururaja 2014-20 Modeling of wind direction and wind speed in India
Salwa Waeto 2014- Hybrid forecasting model based on time series
Marzukee Mayeng 2014- Modeling of wind direction & wind velocity in Thailand
Bright Emmanuel Owosu 2014-18 Modelling of daily rainfall in Australia
Akemat Wongpairin 2014- Mortality of neumonia patients in Satun hospital
Wichayaporn Thongpeth 2014- Effectiveness of emergency service, Southern Thailand
Nasriyah Arbu 2014- Model of internal population migration in Thailand
Noppachai Wongsai 2014-19 Modelling of MODIS environmental data of Phuket

Wattana Prompetch 2015- Post-traumatic†stress†disorder†in Southern Thailand
Ira Sharma 2015-18 Modelling vegetation inndex and temperature in Nepal
Jetsada Laipaporn 2015- Thailand's inventory investment behavior
Pongpan Suksupan 2015- Vegetation and temperature in Southern Thailand
Arman Madcharoen 2015- Population growth in Afarica

Sahidan Abdulmana 2017- Modeling for LST change in Taiwan
Ricky Yordani Nalli 2017- Primary school pupil-teacer ratio in Indonesia
Nitinun Pongsiri 2017- Statistical modeling for sea level change in Thailand
Yhodpha Ratmanee 2017- Quality of life of ageing population in Thailand

Rusnat Nuipom 2018- Internet parenting style and peer on cyberbullying
Tofan Agung EkaPrasetya 2018- LST in Sumatra Island, Indonesia
Munawar 2018- Spatial and temporal of temperature in Borneo island
Lumpoo Amatawiyanon 2018- Occurrence and intensity of mosquito-borne disease
Cheyareeyoh Chesoh 2018- -

Nantiya Khoynueng 2019- --
Benjamin Atta Owusu 2019- Long-term health effects from exposure to oil spill

Teuku Haris Iqbal 2020- --

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