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Dr Saruwuth Chesoh from PSU's Faculty of Science & Technology will open the Seminar and take responsibility for its smooth running on Day 1. After completing his PhD on the application of statistical models to fish catches, Sarawuth moved from his position as Head of the Fisheries Office in Pattani to join the PSU Faculty with the role of building its research strength in marine and aquatic ecology and supervising its environmental impact management studies for EGAT thermal power plants.
Dr Nittaya McNeil, head of PSU's
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, will chair the keynote presentation by Dr Virasakdi Chongsuvivatwong.
The pre-lunch session on ecology will be chaired by Dr Naiyana Sirichai, a leading marine ecology researcher in PSU's Faculty of Environment & Technology.
Discussion of presentations in the Ecology session will be led by Prof Sukree Hajisamae, Dean of PSU's Faculty of Science & Technology and a leading researcher in Fisheries Science who completed his PhD at the National University of Singapore, and Dr Dumaria Tampubolon from the Faculty of Mathematics and Science at ITB Bandung, Indonesia, who completed her PhD in Actuarial Science at Macquarie University.
Dr Apiradee Lim from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science in PSU's Faculty of Science and Technology will chair the post-lunch session on Health Science. Apiradee completed her PhD in Research Methodology at PSU, leads its research program in biostatistics, and collaborates with the Thai Ministry of Public Health on studies of cause of of death
We are very honoured to have our distinguished keynote speaker Professor Virasakdi Chongsuvivatwong as discussant for the Health Science session. Aj Virasak was recently officially recognized as Thailand's leading scientific researcher. He will be assisted by Dr Halimah Awang, whose research interests include population and family studies, women's sexual and reproductive health and rights, education and volunteerism.
Dr Halimah Awang will chair
the Climate Change session.
With wide-ranging research interests, she is now retired after 30 years serving the University of Malaya.
Dr Utane Swangwit will join Aj Virasak
as discussant for the Climate Change session. Born in Phuket, Utane did his undergraduate study at Cambridge and PhD at Durham in the UK before joining NARIT in Chiang Mai.
Dr Sangdao Lansanam will take responsibility for the smooth running of the Seminar on Day 2. After completing her PhD at Macquarie University on the application of statistical models to water variables in the Sydney catchment area, Dao and her computer scientist husband Nong joined the PSU Faculty of Environment & Technology, aiming to help their colleagues build its research capacity.
Dr Chantinee Boonchai, who
completed her PhD in Environmental Management at the University of Queensland, will chair the Friday morning session on Impacts of Land-use Change.
Professor Khairil Notodiputro from IPB Bogor's Faculty of Mathematics & Science did his PhD in Statistics at Macquarie University and will join Dr Utane as discussants for the Impacts of Land-use Change session.
Dr Raymond Ritchie, who
completed his PhD in Biological Science at the University of Sydney, will chair the pre-lunch Friday morning session on Environmental Management.
Prof Bob Beeton is an expert in Environmental Management from the University of Queensland. He'll join Dr Utane as discussants for Friday's pre-lunch session.
Thanita Areerob completed her MSc from King Mongkut's University of Technology in Thonburi and now teaches in the prestigious Faculty of Environment and Management at PSU Phuket. She will chair the post-lunch session of the Environmental Management session of our Seminar, and then award prizes to those presenters adjudged to have perforormed exceptionally well.
Discussion of presentations in the final session on Environmental Management will be led by Dr Werapong Goedsin, who gained his MSc in Physics from PSU and now teaches Computer Engineering at Phuket campus, and Dr Phattrawan Tongchumkum from PSU's Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, where teaches Data Science and supervises research after completing her PhD in Statistics at Macquarie University.
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Last updated: June 22, 2014