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The Thai Lands department has huge databases from regular surveys of thousands of plots in every province. But the plot shapes change over time so analysis is difficult. Orawit will describe a new data structure.
The new method is basically analog-to-digital conversion, replacing polygonal shapes by coded grid points. Potjamas is using this method to map land-use development in Phuket province since 1967.
And Patama has applied the method to show how land-use has changed in the Songkla Lake basin from 1991 to 2009, where rice farming has largely disappeared due to economic and climatic factors.
Arjun will report on a recent nationwide household survey of 21,484 children in Nepal, using logistic regression with generalized estimating equations to assess risk factors for orphanhood.
EGAT generates thermal power in Thai estuaries. Niwadee will report on seasonal and site changes in animal and plant abundance and water quality along the Na Tap river in Songkla province.
Thale Noi is a wetland where thousands of birds flock. Using bird counts routinely measured monthly, Kua Rittiboon will show how factor analysis enhances understanding of wetland habitat management.
Using a mathematical model to analyse ecosystem diversity in Ban Don Bay (Surathani), Ananya will show how physical, chemical and biological factors determine ecological production and the livelihoods of local people around the Bay.
Halimah's research interests include population and family studies, women's sexual and reproductive health and rights, education and volunteerism. She is now retired after serving the University of Malaya for almost 30 years.
After her PhD at Macquarie Dr Shanley Chong worked at the NHMRC Centre in HIV Social Research and the Injury Risk Management Research Centre at UNSW. She is now a biostatistician at NSW Health.
After completing her Master of Applied Statistics at Macquarie and PhD in Computer Science at Sydney's University of Technology, Nurie now works as an IT consultant in Sydney.
After his PhD Don McNeil spent 8 years in the US, gaining tenure at Princeton before returning to Australia as Professor of Statistics at Macquarie, then helping to set up the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre and visiting Asian universities for IDP. After visiting PSU, Dr Virasakdi and Don began a research collaboration that has led to high-quality PhD programs in Epidemiology and Research Methodology. He now spends a lot of his "retirement" time in Pattani, where his two grandsons live.
Dept of Languages & Social Science, Faculty of Industrial Education, KMIT
Dept of Mathematics & Computer Science, Faculty of Science & Technology, PSU
Last updated: April 23, 2013